Dark Matters Film Festival 2013

Film List

Take some time to browse through the list of short and full length films featured in the 2013 Dark Matters Film Festival.

  • Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger

    Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger

    Italy, 2011, 84 minutes

    There aren't enough bloody adjectives in the thesaurus to accurately describe the over-the-top, head-exploding mayhem that is ADAM CHAPLIN. 

  • Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS collector

    Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS collector

    United States, 2013, 83 Minutes

    True fans of horror, fantasy and sci-fi craziness who grew up cracking open clamshell boxes and pushing play on films like Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn, Yor-Hunter From the Future and Redneck Zombies will love this nostalgic tribute to the golden era of the VHS.

  • All Men Are Called Robert

    All Men Are Called Robert

    France, 2010, 6 minutes

    A naked man runs through the woods, pursued by three mysterious hunters. This can't end well.


  • Animals


    Spain, 2012, 94 Minutes

    In this supernatural coming-of-age tale, a sexually confused, comic-book-reading teenager named Pol spends his days with his lifelong imaginary friend Deerhoof, a sagacious talking teddy bear (with an English accent, no less). 

  • Battery, The

    Battery, The

    United States, 2012, 100 minutes

    Ben and Mickey are a couple of minor league baseball players who are stuck with one another when a zombie apocalypse overwhelms the country.

  • Blood Soaked

    Blood Soaked

    United States, 2013, 70 minutes

    This shot-in-New Mexico love letter to grindhouse goodness tracks a couple of nubile college co-eds through the hot Southwestern desert. 

  • Bloody Birthday

    Bloody Birthday

    United States, 2013, 11 minutes

    Edwin the Clown just wants to bring the gift of laughter to a child's party. But kids don't like murderous, blood-covered clowns.

  • Brutal Relax

    Brutal Relax

    Spain, 2010, 15 minutes

    Mr. Olivares needs to relax. A nice beach vacation would be perfect ... if it weren't for all the flesh-ripping, gut-munching seamonsters.

  • C:299 792 KM/S

    C:299 792 KM/S

    United States, 2013, 15 minutes

    This thought-provoking story about engineers rebelling against the bridge crew of an interplanetary vessel was shot entirely "in camera" with no green screen.

  • Compound Fracture

    Compound Fracture

    United States, 2013, 90 minutes

    Michael Wolffsen (Tyler Mane) takes his fiancee (Renae Geerlings) to visit his estranged father (Muse Watson). Consumed by paranoia, pop has built himself an impregnable, isolated survivalist compound. 

  • Eaglewalk


    United States, 2012, 30 minutes

    This '80s-style stalk-and-slash takes Jason Voorhees out of the deadly summer camp equation and gives us a hulking Bigfoot monster instead.

  • Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

    Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

    Canada | Denmark, 2012, 82 minutes

    Lars (Thure Lindhardt from the animated ass-kicker Princess) is a Danish painter struggling for inspiration. Broke and at the end of his creative rope, he ends up in a tiny Canadian town teaching art at a local magnet high school. 

  • Found


    United States, 2012, 102 minutes

    A comic book- and horror movie-loving 11-year-old named Marty (the frankly incredible Gavin Brown) discovers beyond a shadow of a doubt that his sullen older brother is a serial killer. 

  • Ghastly Love Of Johnny X, The

    Ghastly Love Of Johnny X, The

    United States, 2012, 106 minutes

    This retro-tastic, rock 'n' roll, sci-fi musical introduces us to intergalactic hoodlum Johnny X and his band of extraterrestrial juvenile delinquents, The Ghastly Ones. 

  • Gift, The

    Gift, The

    United States, 2013, 6 minutes

    A woman is followed home from work by a most unsettling stalker.

  • Horizonte


    Spain, 2013, 23 minutes

    In the post-apocalyptic future, a mother and daughter try to survive against a horde of bloodsucking mutants.

  • I Declare War

    I Declare War

    Canada, 2012, 93 minutes

    A group of schoolkids engages in an age-old game of Capture the Flag out in the woods. Their young imaginations run wild, turning sticks into assault rifles and water balloons into buckets of blood. 

  • Lisa


    United States, 2012, 9 minutes

    A meticulous inventor struggles to create the “perfect” android.

  • Maker, The

    Maker, The

    United States, 2012 , 6 minutes

    Stop-motion animation tells this artful tale of a strange inventor racing against the clock to finish his most beautiful creation.

  • Monstrous Ballad of the Favorite Fool

    Monstrous Ballad of the Favorite Fool

    United States, 2013, 4 minutes

    This music video for Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique takes us to a trippy other world filled with seductive dangers.

  • Refuge 115

    Refuge 115

    Spain, 2011, 8 minutes

    Citizens trapped in an underground bomb shelter during the Spanish Civil War are forced to confront a new danger lurking in the darkness.

  • Steam-Powered Showdown

    Steam-Powered Showdown

    United States, 2013, 6 minutes

    Two teams of well-armed steampunk warriors duke it out, High Noon-style. But appearances can be deceiving.

  • Timeless Man

    Timeless Man

    United States, 2012, 25 minutes

    A man travels back in time from the future to meet his rock god idol.

  • V/H/S/ 2

    V/H/S/ 2

    United States, 2013, 96 minutes

    Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find a collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance. 

  • Wheel, The

    Wheel, The

    United States, 2011, 16 minutes

    This live-action/animated fable about sibling rivalry is set in a wonderfully realized steampunk world.

  • Wither


    Sweden, 2012, 96 minutes

    The Swedish people are well familiar with the vittra (translated as “wight” or “wither”). These mythological monsters (kin to trolls, dwarves and other nature spirits) live underground. 

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